Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cochabamba's Birthday

Wednesday, September 14th, was the birthday of Cochabamba. Celebrated with fireworks, parades and parties, it's one of the major attractions in this city each year. But our first priority of the day was to attend the birthday party of Mauge, the director/owner of our language school.

The party was a "surprise" party at the language school for breakfast. The highlight of the party, besides celebrating Mauge's birthday, was the Mariachi band her mother hired as a present. Nathan and I enjoyed the music and food while the girls enjoyed the company of some other English-speaking kids and running around barefoot in the grass!

Mauge is the only woman in the photo, dressed for the part!

Our day was busy but thankfully between events we were able to return to our house for naps (the girls, including Mommy!) and a late lunch. Around 4pm our friends, Mauricio, Fabiana and their two boys, Santiago and Felipe, came to take us to the parade downtown.

The parade was already going when we arrived and we were told that it would most likely last well into the night. There were political groups, church groups, groups of workers from different occupations, multiple student bands as well as multiple political bands. We saw three fly-overs by the local air force as well as a helicopter with three men flying below. The girls enjoyed the music and special treats bought by Daddy and our friends.

Taking advantage of a tall tree!

Taking advantage of the crowds (and getting ignored).

As the sun starting going down our friends decided it would be best to get going as it becomes slightly more dangerous after dark. We climbed in the car and went for a ride around town and ended up at La Casa de Silpancho for dinner. Silpancho is a Cochabambino food including rice, fried potatoes, fried egg, flattened fried beef or chicken and a tomato/onion salad. It's also one of our favorite meals here. It was a special treat and the end to a good day!

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