Saturday, September 24, 2011

Concurso de Flores

Those participating for a prize: Original, Quantity, Happiest and Longest Time Spent Designing the Costume

Thursday was a special night at our weekly ladies meeting, a competition of flowers. The goal was to come adorned with the most flowers or with the most original design so my friend, Suellen, and I did our best.

That afternoon Suellen came over at 2pm and we ending up working until 6ish. My goal: most original, her goal: most flowers. I think overall we did a pretty good job but I felt awfully silly in my costume. It proved to do the job though as I tied for most original and got a nice pair of earrings out of the deal. Suellen won a prize for happiest adorned with flowers, not exactly what we were shooting for but she still won a prize!

Being presented before the crowd: I got a lot of laughs but a lot of cheers and whistles too!
We also enjoyed a nice meal together, pizza made by our local bachelor chef. The "chef" is known in the church for his cooking and is also on the ministry team. The pizza was delicious.

Sue and me in our finished costumes.
We had a fun night together and a lot of laughs. I am again reminded about how blessed we are to be a part of this congregation. They are becoming very good friends.

Everyone in attendance except those behind the camera, of course!

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