Sunday, October 2, 2011


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The sunset here has been awesome. If you've checked out our Picasa photos you may have realized how often we grab the camera as the sun is displaying its radiance. It's just so hard to resist. I have to say though that this night was amazing. The Cristo statue is a great reminder of why we are here and we have a great view from our home. This night the sunset was the perfect setting and again a great reminder of why we live. The second photo is added just so you can see how awesome the spotlight was.

The photo below is just a bonus. Addi and Lydia were completely silent one day while I was working in the kitchen and Nathan and Anne were reading books. Well it didn't take long for Daddy to figure out the trouble. Our house plant was a great distraction. This photo was actually taken two days later when Nathan, Anne and I were in the office. We heard Addi and Lydia having a great time. Honestly their laughter was contagious until Nathan began to think that they may be at it again. This time they were throwing the dirt, not just digging in it! I couldn't resist grabbing the camera although Addi was already with Daddy in the bathroom getting a good "talking to" and clean-up. :) (Oh, and if you're curious, that's just dirt out of the pot, not a black-eye!)

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