Friday, October 14, 2011

When I Grow Up. . .

I have never thought of myself as an adventurer, I love control too much. As a girl I learned to downhill ski just like everyone else in my family but I hated it. I know there are those that absolutely love cruising down the slope with the wind blowing and a mountain of white in front of them. . .not me. I much prefer a cozy couch with a warm cup of hot chocolate and a good book. Ahh, a good story, enough adventure for me!

Well my story has brought me to Bolivia. Who would have thought that I would be a missionary wife?! This first move, although very difficult in ways, has been quite smooth. Living in the city, with all of (or most of ) the luxuries of the US, we are quite comfortable. Quite honestly, the language is the largest barrier but even that is slowly coming down. Now don't get me wrong, there are a LOT of differences between here and there but this move has been relatively easy.

We are steadily moving forward and know that our next move will be only a year or two down the road. That's not much time! As we look ahead we realize that this move, from the city to the jungle, will actually be a harder move than our 5,000 mile move to a different country. We'll be losing luxuries, moving into a hot and humid climate, and surrounding ourselves with bugs, spiders and snakes I don't even really know exist yet (oh, and rats too!).

I was recently chatting with a group of experienced missionary wives, one who has lived many years in the jungle of Bolivia, and some of the stories they had to share were enough to shake me to the core. What am I doing?! Where are we moving? God, when did You make me an adventurer? I love being a homebody, a wife, a mom, even a homeschool teacher, but a missionary. . .am I cut out for this?

One of the women shared this thought with us,
A first-term missionary wife buys flour and throws it out when she finds bugs in it. A second-term missionary wife buys flour and picks the bugs out. A third-term missionary wife buys flour and cooks it with the bugs in. A fourth-term missionary wife buys flour and doesn't even notice the bugs!

Sadly, I have to admit that I was that typical first-term missionary wife. We bought whole-wheat flour and oats in bulk towards the beginning of our time here. After a couple of weeks I opened up the container and had moths flying in my face. I starting filtering through it and found more bugs, a grub, and patches of eggs. I couldn't stomach it and ending up tossing the flour. I did keep the oats and filtered through it all and making sure to cook it well when I used it.

I know Nathan looks forward to the adventure a good vehicle and a jungle road brings. All I can say, I know I will survive by the grace of God. :)

All that said, I know that God is greater than any circumstance I will ever encounter. I'm thankful for this adventurous life and the many ways it is going to stretch me for many years to come, Lord willing. I am excited to look back and see the many ways that God was my strength when I was incredibly weak and unfit for the situation. Already He has proven Himself so faithful. To God be the glory as we travel this path.

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