Tuesday, December 6, 2011


As we mentioned in our last post, we had a language evaluation on the 1st.  Thank you for praying!  We both feel that we did our best, and we both went up a sub-level!  Remember my boring chart from before?  Here's where we are currently at in our language ability:

Kaylee broke into Intermediate!  I didn't quite make it as far as I hoped, but am "comfortably Intermediate-High, entering Advanced-Low."  To get to Advanced, I need to speak more fluidly, which means more speaking time.

All Greek to you?  Hopefully this post from a couple weeks ago will help you out: Language Learning: Why is it taking so long?

After my evaluation, I took a jaunt through the countryside to a little Quechua village called Sankayani:

(Click on a photo to see them larger!)

We also had a birthday party for Addi last week. She turned 3! As usual, photos are in Picasa Web Albums - Sirviendo a Cristo

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