Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bilingual Baby

While Kaylee and I put in many hours a week studying Spanish, our girls obviously don't.  We do informal teaching with them, of course, and they do spend a couple hours per week in Sunday school.  Anne and Addi are quite capable of being polite in the language (when they're not being shy), and Anne often asks us questions about words that demonstrate that she understands quite a lot.

Now it's Lydia's turn.  She has turned into quite a little chatterbox and loves to point at everything and say what it is.  I took this video of her on Oct 31 when she was a couple days from 18 months old:

Today she turned 22 months, and I finally captured her saying the same thing, in Spanish, something she started doing over a month ago:

The best part?  She picked up "Hola" by herself.

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