Sunday, April 22, 2012

Feliz Cumpleaños Sarita!

On Saturday we had an invitation to celebrate the first birthday of Sara Carolina. This little one is set apart in our congregation because of her story. She not only belongs to her adoptive family but also to the entire church body. At less than two weeks old she was brought to the church by an elderly woman and left with the ladies at the weekly ladies meeting. Over the past year she has been adopted by one of the women in the church and has become a regular on Sunday morning. It has been fun to watch her grow and share a bit in her story.

Saturday we attended Sara's first birthday party. The invitation said the party would begin at 1:30 pm. When we arrived no one else appeared to be around so we headed back home. Around 1:50 we headed back down and joined the decorating crew! After much preparation and waiting, the party started at 3:15 pm. We were thankful for the delay so that Nathan and Lydia could join us "right on time" after her nap!

Part of the decorating committee

We celebrated in traditional Bolivian style including: lots of balloons, a couple of clowns, jello, cake, games and fellowship. Over all we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. There was a slight melt down when our girls couldn't get in the crowd to grab goodies that fell from the piñata. But after some tears, and the generosity of some of the older kids, all was right in the world again.

Jello: a party "must have"

With the birthday girl

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