Thursday, May 24, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

I just noticed that it's been a month since we've posted.  It's not that we're being delinquent, it's that we're busy with other things!!

For a period of almost 8 weeks, there was a significant amount of unrest here in Bolivia.  The first 2 weeks of May, we were not able to get into the city normally, due to people blockading the roads in an attempt to force the government to reverse new legislation.  I spent a lot of time watching the news, trying to keep tabs on the situation.  While it was a "break" from our normal routine, it was more stressful than usual, and we still maintained our language study time.

During that time, we did celebrate Lydia's 2nd birthday!

Thankfully, things got worked out between the people and the government just in time for me to take a trip!  I finally got the opportunity to visit the Guarayo region of Bolivia to learn more about our future involvement there.  I'll be sharing more details about that in the future.

Here are a couple videos I took while on my trip:

Two days before my trip, my pocket was picked and I lost my Bolivian ID card (among other things).  Because we're in the process of getting a new visa, my passport is in the capital.  Thankfully, we got things squared away before I left and I was able to fly halfway across the country with just a photocopy of my ID!!

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  1. funny how roads seem to be waterways in 3rd world countries... see this in Haiti too.