Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Housing Update

Over the last few days, I've looked at 3 different houses in our area.  Three very different houses!

The first was a home in a gated community near us.  Frankly, we knew it was out of our budget, but wanted to see all the options.  It was a phenomenal home, but it would separate us even farther from our friends, economically speaking.  Besides, I wouldn't even be comfortable there:  there was NO man space!

The next place I saw was more our speed.  It doesn't have everything we'd like, but it would be doable.  And the price is right!  It has a good-sized kitchen, and a huge living room.  With its 3 bedrooms, I figure it's in the neighborhood of about 1200 sq ft.

The third house was grossly overpriced, at $15/month less than the one above.  It was cute, but at only ~300 sq ft, it wouldn't serve our needs very well.  The first photo below is looking from one bedroom door through the living room to an identical bedroom on the other side.  The bathroom and kitchen are accessible only from the outside, a common feature of low-budget homes here.
It does have a nice big yard, though!

We continue to look and talk to people about housing options, and recently expanded our search into the city.  Please continue to pray for us as we look, especially that God will give us wisdom as we sort through very few, but quite varied, options.

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