Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Birthday UVPC!

Yes, that's right: is celebrating one year of "life!"

 As you support us in prayer, correspondence, and finances, we believe that we have a responsibility to keep you informed of just what exactly you are supporting! We thank God for this incredible technology that allows us to keep you up to date with our craziness, share photos, and give you insight into this amazing, complicated country.

 Over the past year:
-UVPC has been visited 1725 times by 816 computers in 58 countries!
-People in the United States contributed 1107 of those visits, from 40 states
-Montanans visited the site 599 times
-Our busiest day was Feb 1, with 50 visits
-348 people also looked at our photos

At the same time, we also launched a YouTube channel that currently has 38 videos that have been watched a total of 5320 times. The majority of those views are from Bolivians that watch videos we've taken of local events.

Thank you for visiting!  We hope that UVPC is an encouragement to you as you see what God is doing in, to, and through us.

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