Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lydia and the Emergency Room

Today started out like a normal day. I had class in the morning, an appointment after class and then returned home. Nathan and the girls spent the morning working in the yard, cleaning things up and prepping for a mission get together we're having here tomorrow night. 

Caution: It gets bloody.

Then around 11:45 I heard a huge crash. I immediately ran, knowing that a large glass corner shelf (that belongs with the house) had fallen, praying that no one was hurt. All I could see was Lydia's hand extending out and hear her crying. I picked up the shelf and immediately started screaming for Nathan. Her face was covered in blood and I couldn't even see one eye. Not knowing the extent of the injury or the amount of broken glass I chose to stay with her until Nathan came with a towel. We immediately called friends to see if they were available to take us to the ER. They were unavailable so Nathan called a taxi. I'm not sure how long we waited but it felt like forever.

We are both so thankful for our taxi driver. He was young but serious and obviously understood our stress. He drove quickly (no speed limits around here) but safely in and out of traffic and got us to our destination (on the opposite side of town) in good time. She was admitted to the ER (which is also currently under construction with workers passing through continually) and they started cleaning her up. At that point only Nathan was with her since only one of us could be. After a bit of time I switched places with him and he sat with the other two girls. We are also so thankful for our coworker, Dwight, who met us at the hospital and who was able to help watch the other two girls while Nathan did paperwork.

Lydia and I were then escorted to another part of the hospital. We ended up in one of the female workers' changing rooms where they had me put Lydia in scrubs. I asked one of the nurses what was going to happen and she said the doctor would come talk to me. They also said they would bring me scrubs and I would be able to stay with Lydia. But then was told the doctor only wanted Lydia and she was taken from me. At this point I didn't know whether she was having surgery or stitches. I really had no clue what was happening and I can promise it wasn't from a lack of understanding! They just weren't communicating nor answering questions!

After sitting patiently for a while in this "changing room" I finally asked a passing nurse if she knew anything. She told me Lydia was "in process" and I could see her in recovery when she was done. Thankfully that did happen. I was given scrubs, waited a bit more and then finally saw the doctor. He told me that she was doing fine. She was okay and that she would be out in a few moments. I asked a few questions and then a bit later saw Lydia. Thankfully we weren't separated again. We hung out in the recovery "room" for quite some time (another Bolivian style room that felt a bit more like a corner storage area).  Then they moved us to a second women's changing room where we waited and waited and waited some more.

Nathan, Dwight and the other two girls were waiting this whole time with less information than I had. Sadly I forgot my cell phone so I couldn't text to let him know what I knew or to know what they were doing. I was then told to wait a bit longer as we couldn't leave until things were paid for. The second time the nurse came around to let me know we were still waiting on money I asked if we could join Nathan and thankfully she let me.

The doctor's recommendations included a pain/anti-inflammatory prescription, nothing but Coca Cola or Fanta until 5:00pm (!), and an easy schedule for the next couple of days. We'll be seeing him again on Monday.

We are so thankful that Lydia is walking away with 7 stitches and a swollen black eye. She really could have been hurt so badly, lost an eye, puncture to the skull, etc. We thank God for His protection of her! And we are also so thankful for the many prayers that were being said while this was happening. (We really do appreciate Facebook!) 

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