Sunday, September 1, 2013

Back to it!

Well, here we are.

 After a fun-filled and altogether too-crazy summer in Montana, it's time to put our collective nose back to the grindstone. This afternoon we leave Bozeman and will arrive in Bolivia on Tuesday, Lord willing.

 I put up some more photos of our summer fun in our online photo album. Here are some of the highlights:

 Swimming with cousins:
 Denver zoo:
 Massive sandwiches from Pickle Barrel:
 Awesome scenery:
 More fun with cousins:
 Fun with gubs:
 New books:
 Fourth of July with cousins:
 Fishing (and more awesome MT scenery):
 Father-daughter camping with friends:
 Feeding ducks:

While we have enjoyed being back in the States, it has been far from restful.  We've been running like crazy to see people and visit churches.  That said, it has been refreshing  to be in our home culture again.  Our last Sunday here in our home church was particularly enjoyable.

Now we are packed up and ready as we'll ever be!

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