Monday, September 23, 2013


We are still in a time of transition and although we have a newsletter written up with our coming plans we are still not quite ready to send it out. In the mean time this is what's keeping us busy:

 The beginning of the school year: First grade and preschool.

Attending church with our local church family.

Drawing up potential floor plans for our temporary home (3 rooms, about 615 square feet) in the village. 

We're not sure exactly what the inside looks like and the bathroom doesn't exist currently.

The building we'll be living in.

Getting reacquainted with Biscuit!

Spending time with Nathan's brother and family (food is always a good reason to hang out).

Sickness, yup, a few weeks of rest. . .and sickness hits. . .we're thankful for the time we had without it!

Meetings, phone calls and emailing with our leadership and local church ministry team.

Sharing with some local college-age men and women about missions. 

Getting used to shopping in the local market and stores again.

And running miscellaneous errands.

We've hit a few hiccups in our planning but continue to move forward. Please pray for unity amongst those involved in decision making and supporting these transitions and wisdom as we make decisions.

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