Saturday, October 5, 2013

Expecting the Unexpected

Our big task for this week is to move our little family to Santa Cruz.  Then, after spending a couple days buying supplies, I plan to go out to Urubichá to do some improvements to the rooms that we are going to rent.

I have a plan (you can see it in this post on The Tinker Thinker).  I am confident in my ability to turn 615 square feet of empty rooms into a useable space for us.  I know what materials I need and have a rough idea of how long it will take to finish.

That's all well and good.  It's easy to plan things and have expectations for physical things that we can understand, prepare for, and control.  But what about the unexpected?

What about the people?

We have met a small handful of people in Urubichá.  We know next to nothing about them.  Even Emilio and Marlen, our coworkers, are relatively unknown to us; we have spent less than 2 weeks total with them, a couple days at a time, spread out over more than a year.

What will they think about a family of gringos moving into their town?

What will they think about the way we live, the things we eat, the things we do?


We were told recently that when Emilio and Marlen planted their garden and someone noticed their spinach growing, they were told, "We only use that for witchcraft!"

I bet they didn't see that coming!!

What are we going to experience?  We don't know, but we do know that it will be unexpected!

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  1. Great ideas. For flushing the toilet, maybe you could add gutters to the left side of the building, direct it to a 55 gal. drum lying on it side partway under the eaves on a small tower and pipe it in for flushing. Could even work for basic sink/hand washing but probably not for showers.

    P.S. My sister and I spend one year in that front room since it was the school for her and I and the two Kunkle boys!