Tuesday, November 5, 2013


After two weeks of work, the little house in the boonies has changed a bit!  In spite of a couple of setbacks, we continue to make progress.

Although I say "two weeks," with travel it really comes down to 8 days of actual time in Urubich√° and part of those days has been spent making supply runs, seeing things around town, and drinking tea with Emilio and Marlen while chatting about the language and culture.

We spent the bulk of the first week painting.  Rather, I mostly patched holes in the walls while Emilio painted.  A couple coats of white definitely make it look nicer:

Unfortunately, on Friday, the 25th, just as we were starting the last room, we ran into a problem.  The walls are adobe brick, plastered with mud and cow manure, then painted.  In the kitchen/living room, the walls had been refinished with just whitewash and as we started to paint, the lime peeled up and made a mess of the roller.  We had to scrape it off, and as we did, we realized just how bad the plastering was coming off and we ended up taking out a lot  This was the worst wall:

The next day, Saturday, I came out to Santa Cruz for Anne's 7th birthday on Sunday!

Unfortunately, I was in town just one full day and I was tired and preoccupied and on Monday, I went back out to work.

This time, I took the teenage son of another missionary family with me.  He is only here for a short time and wants to see as much of the country as possible.  I set him to work on the septic pit we need for the bathroom I'm building.  He made good progress, in spite of the nasty hard clay:

He also made an impressive bug collection, mostly beetles, but got a noticeable spider as well:
I can't express to you how Kaylee felt when she saw that, but I'm sure you can imagine. ;)

After finishing the plaster and paint, I also finished the subfloor for the bathroom:

I came back to Santa Cruz on Saturday and am planning to stay out the week, spending time with Kaylee and the kids, making some purchases, and taking care of other business.  When I go back, I have just the bathroom to finish before we move in!

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