Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Winter Break 2014

The first semester of the year came to an official close on June 27.  Since then, we have had winter break until classes start up again on July 28.

Our first week was pretty much eaten up with unfinished responsibilities with the CLA program, but since then we've had two and a half weeks pretty much to ourselves.  We have taken time to prepare for next semester, do some personal projects and spend time with the girls.

Although we're in the tropics, when the south wind (surazo) brings a storm up from Antarctica, in can get pretty chilly, especially because the house is uninsulated and very drafty.  We have thoroughly enjoyed having a fireplace!

We watched a few World Cup matches with friends.
Watching USA lose to Belgium with their friend Nathaly

Kaylee took a break from homeschool as well, but has done a few Spanish and money classes with the girls.

We still lack some furniture, so I built custom closets for Kaylee and I.

The kitties took refuge in my warm toolbags during lunch


We attended a wedding at our church.  That was a good culture event. :)

Then, on Monday, we hit the jackpot!

. . .but I'll save that for another post. ;)  In the meantime, there are more photos of our breaktime fun here.

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