Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fun in the Sun: Güembé Butterfly Park

On Monday, we played hooky and took a long-overdue free day with friends.  We're about 2/3 through the semester and I (Nathan) have been very focused on my job and needed to set it aside for a day with Kaylee and the girls.  When our friends Dan and Jenny invited us to accompany them for a day off, I couldn't say no.

Spring has roared in like a lion (it's 100*F outside right now) and we wanted a pool.  The only place we could find that was open on a Monday was the Güembé Biocenter, commonly known as the mariposario (butterfly park).  We have heard about it for a couple years, but had not visited yet, in spite of many pleas from our daughters, who are very interested in butterflies.

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We had to drive almost an hour to get there, since it's on the other side of the city and across the river, but we were very pleased at what we found.  The park covers 60 well-sculpted acres and features an orchidarium, tremendous aviary, a swamp (with capybaras, deer, and rheas), 2 lakes (one with monkeys, one with kayaks), lots of swimming pools, and cabins.  It's a beautiful setting and evidently taken care of.

The girls are avid butterfly chasers/catchers, so we had a look around before jumping in the pool.

Once we got in the water, though, they just wouldn't quit!

It was a great day to relax, have fun together, and experience something different!

Toucan in the walk-through aviary
Looking out at the city from the looking tower in the aviary
Macaws in the walk-through aviary

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