Saturday, July 18, 2015

Back in the States!

We are excited to be writing from Bozeman, Montana!

We arrived about 2 weeks ago and plan to be here for 8 months.  We hope that it will be a time of rest, adventure, and renewing relationships.

Although we still have ministry responsibilities while we are here, for Kaylee and I it is restful just to be back in our home language and culture.  We need spiritual refreshment that we don't (yet) get in Spanish.

The girls were born in the US, but they have lived very little of their lives here.  Anne is really the only one that has solid memories of Montana.  For them, everything is new and crazy.  During our 8 months, we hope to explore and enjoy some of the activities that we can't do in Bolivia (particularly in the winter!).

Renewed Relationships
Of course, the hardest part of living overseas is being so far away from family and friends.  We are excited to see many of you in person, rather than just on the phone or computer.  We have already been overwhelmingly blessed by friends here in Bozeman and look forward to spending much more time with them and many others.

We're off to a good start!  Our first big event was Independence Day, complete with a parade, picnic, and fireworks!  The girls have spent LOTS of time with their cousins in my family.  We've been fishing several times.  Kaylee spent the last 4 days at a retreat for missionary women in Colorado with my sister and sister-in-law.  I have been busy getting us settled in.

Friends met us at the airport!

Learning about Independence Day of their birth country

Fishing adventure in the mountains, while mommy was gone

Addi's first fish of the year (in the rain!)

After 4 days, we were all VERY excited to see Kaylee again!
Our wheels, a '94 Toyota Land Cruiser

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