Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Anniversary of Sacaba

As a part of our church's music team, I have opportunities to get involved in fun cultural events!

All of the instruments that we use at the church are owned by the musicians themselves.  As they work to improve their music and equipment, one of the desires has been to start purchasing instruments for the church.

Because the church budget is tight and there are lots of projects, the worship team took it upon themselves to put in a little elbow grease and raise the money themselves.  Like last year, we went to the anniversary of the town of Sacaba to sell api and pasteles.

To see the rest of the photos of the event, parade, and fairway (with captioned explanations!), click here.

Pasteles, a cheese-filled pastry:

Api, a hot, thick corn drink:

 Pastor Gustavo and I enjoyed a tall, hot glass of api:

Over the course of two nights, they pulled in about $250!  Because the capital was donated by the members of the team, it was all profit.  On Friday morning, I went to town with 3 friends and we bought a guitar!

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